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Having a Bad Day Doesn’t Even Cover It


I’ve had the most awful day. My boss had me in tears. Yep, I was actually crying and thinking ‘What the hell are you crying for?!’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a model employee. I put things off to the last minute (like taking the rubbish out on bin today, cos that’s what admin assistants do!), and slouch all the time.

But I do get everything done, and I have a hell of a lot to do. My boss had a meeting with ¬†me and my manager. She made me feel like an awful person. We had a new girl start with us a couple of months ago and she quit yesterday. My boss said when she started I was nasty, unwelcoming, and awkward towards her. I’ve never been called anything like that in my life. I admit she refused to listen to me and I got frustated but thats definitely an exageration! We were both jokingly mean to each other but it was definitely both ways.

She also said that in the last three weeks I’ve been acting like her best mate laughing and joking with her and my productivity had gone way down. The new girl had effected my work. She was always saying what an awful job this was asking why I was still there after two years – believe me I know, I just didn’t need to be anymore depressed about it. My manager actually agreed with my boss but she only in the office a couple hours of week at the minute as she’s on maternity leave.

This wasn’t all she said. I just felt she was describing someone else. I honestly didn’t know what to make of everything she was saying. I still don’t. I can’t leave because my mum and dad would kill me if I left without having another job. Each morning brings such dread.

Someone employ me please.


The Four Day Week


So, it’s the 1st November today. How did that happen?! Where has the year gone? I feel like I haven’t done much and it’s kind of been a waste of a year. I feel bad when I’ve wasted a day or a week, but a year; now that’s a bad feeling.

On 29th October I realised it was three months until my 21st birthday. Again, how can I be almost 21? I think the happiness of getting older is only there as long as you want it to stay around. I know some people hate it when their birthday comes round ‘another year gone’ kind of thing. As sad as it sounds I’m not really excited because 21 seems like an age to grow up, you know? Like be a real proper adult. Scary. I mean, you have the excitement of getting a job at 16, leaving school and starting college; you can drive when you’re 17 and drink legally when you’re 18 so by the time you’re 21 the nostalgia of doing these things kind of disappear. So 21 seems scary more than sad!

On a brighter note I have a four day week at work. Everyone loves four day weeks ūüôā I hope you’re enjoying your day whether you’re at school, college, university, work, or on the dole. Actually, if you’re on the dole getting into a habit of watching Jeremy Kyle isn’t healthy.

Yeah, I’m Still Here


I know I’ve been neglecting blogging recently, and I apologise, reader(s). I could tell you that I’ve been busy volunteering at my local charity, but I’d rather not lie.

So, I’ll just give you a general overview of the goings on of my life recently. If you read my post from a few weeks ago, ‘A Bit Of A Rant‘ you’ll know I have an awful job. Well, things have actually got worse, my manager is pregnant so my boss is putting more pressure on me to pass my driving test and buy a car. As my manager will be on maternity leave from after Christmas, I’m expected to fill her role as Office Manager/Accountant (not that I have a clue of what that actually consists of) and train a new apprentice to take on my job.

We had three people come into the office for a trial day on separate days. The first person lacked common sense, the second person was lovely and was relatively intelligent, and the third smelled of cigarettes and two hours into the day asked if she could have a fag break. ūüėź Needless to say which one we went for. I already feel sorry for the poor soul, she hasn’t even started the job yet, but she has no idea what she has let herself into. I don’t know how the next few months are going to pan out but I’m still hoping I’ll find a job soon. I feel I’ll be trapped if I don’t leave before my manager goes on maternity leave.

I’ve recently bought JK Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ (for the suprisingly reasonable price of ¬£9) which I can’t wait to get stuck into! There have been a lot of mixed reviews about it but I’d like to stay impartial until and I’ve read it myself.

At the minute, I’m watching The Great British Bake Off on BBC 2 and the cakes are the meaning of perfection! They are making me very hungry but they look so good I wouldn’t want to ruin them because look so detailed and artistic!

Gorgeous or what?!

Also, the word ‘Amazeballs’ has been added to the dictionary. This irritates me.

A Bit of A Rant


You’ve been warned. I am having a bit of a rant. Today’s topic is my job. My Boss. My Colleagues. Brats. Everything that has ever possibly gone wrong in the world. Okay, not the last one.

I can’t stand my boss, she is a first class bitch. She never stops barking orders at me. This includes doing things for her brat like children aged 16 and 18. Filling in her daughter’s college application form. Filling in her son’s university accommodation application form. Seriously. What is she doing to them? Most people their age do these things themselves. But no, she does everything for them, which means I do these things for her. They wouldn’t know the meaning of independence if it was written on their oh so many ¬£20 notes and I slapped them across the faces using them (I wouldn’t do that, honest. No, really).

Her kids aren’t even that intelligent and I’m not just saying that because I don’ t like them. He daughter got her GCSE results the other day, believe me, she’s an average student. She also, apparently wants to be a language teacher but she got a C in Spanish rather than the A she was expected because her teacher changed at the end of the year. Really? You’re blaming your teacher? At the end of the day, you can only blame your teacher up to a certain extent. Learning the subject is ultimately your responsibility. When I did my GCSEs (which was only 4 years ago before you think I’m really old because I used the phrase ‘when I did my’) I barely revised and got As and Bs. School in the UK, it’s relatively easy. It’s A levels that really give you a kick up the backside. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, her daughter was crying because to do a subject at college, you need to have got at least a B in that subject in school (which is reasonable, as you would really struggle if didn’t do well at school in the subject(s) you want to study). And then my boss came to me for advice because her daughter is going to the same college that I went to. Did she really think I wanted to listen or help her, with her problems? That’s some seriously messed up shit.

My colleagues also treat me like shit. As I’m ‘bottom of the food chain’ so to speak, they also like to add to my ever increasing workload. And they are so bloody rude. Does nobody understand the meaning of manners? I know I’m 20 and they are all older than me, but does the word respect mean nothing?! A bit of manners, seriously, it won’t kill you.

I start work at 8am. I work 40 hours a week which doesn’t include my half an hour lunch break which I have to work through to get my day’s work completed. I am also paid pittance. I finished my apprenticeship a couple of months ago, so I am not on an apprentice’s wages anymore but being on a ‘full wage’ my boss has further demands. Yep, it’s possible. Further demands.

At the moment I get the bus to work which is relatively cheap. And because of the bus timetable I work 8am-4.40pm. But my boss wants me to buy a car, work 8am-5pm, and run around doing all sorts of errands for her. She apparently ‘needs’ me to these duties or she can’t afford to keep me on which is a load of shit since she’s paid for her no more than average kids to go to private school. 2 kids x 5 years x ¬£10,000 a year is ¬£100,000!!

Another small glitch. I haven’t passed my driving test. You’re probably wondering why didn’t I do this when I was 17 like most people did. Well, I couldn’t afford it. I have been on and off with driving lessons recently, but my boss has given me 3 months to pass my test (this was back at the end on June), then she wants me to buy a car. I don’t want to buy a car. With my wage I can’t afford a car. I told her this and she said she’ll give me an interest free loan to do this (not that I would take it of course). One other glitch. The expense of a car doesn’t stop at buying a car. There’s insurance, tax, petrol, MOT, service which would basically leave me with around ¬£2,000 at the end of a year’s work. At 40 hours a week. Which I loath.

You might be wondering why I’ve stuck around doing this hellish job. Well, because I have been searching for longer than I can remember for another job without any luck whatsoever. And I will keep searching until I find something. Hopefully soon. Really soon.

If you are still reading this then I commend you and I take my hat off to you. I am currently hatless, but if I was wearing a hat, then I would really take my bloody hat off to you. And thank you for reading into a small insight of my not so interesting life.

Is University The Right Choice?


With university tuition fees tripling from ¬£3,000 to ¬£9,000 per year beginning this academic year, is it necessarily the ‘right’ route to take? Due to the pressures of society to enter university, it may seem so over apprenticeships and other educational opportunites which aren’t seen as equal value.

When I was at college, university was seemed as the only option. Any other route seemed like a lesser or not as worthy of an option than continuing in full time education. Yesterday was 2 years from my dreaded A level results day and the only thing I was adamant about was that I didn’t want to go to university and that due to my lack of revision, I wouldn’t be getting the straight As I probably could have.

I went on to do an apprenticeship and I’ve still not a clue what I want to do with my life and I consider whether I would have been better off going to university. Of course there would have been the joy of moving away (probably to London) making new friends, and getting drunk on a regular basis! I would be a poor student but would I have a clearer vision of what I wanted to do if I was living that life right now?

If I did, I would be in my third year of university as of September/October this year, but when I think of that, all that comes to mind is that revision is not my friend but that it doesn’t sound too bad considering I’m leaving my house at 7.40am, 5 days a week for work.

Students all over the UK are currently pondering whether they’ll be able to pay off their monstrous tuition fees in three years time and if they will be able to secure their dream job, or even any job for that matter, in the current economic climate. That’s what university has become about as it is not free as it used to be all those years ago, it is more of a worry rather than the joy of a new incredible chapter of your life.

I am grateful that by the end of the next academic year I won’t be in a mountain of debt and have to worry about soaring interest rates. But I wonder whether I’m missing out on 3 incredible years or if I would be just as unhappy as I am about my current situation.

I don’t think university is necessarily the answer unless you know what you want to study, and what use you degree will really be. I am not dismissing that it is essential to go the university if you want to go into certain professions but I do know many people who have gone to university not because they wanted to, but didn’t want to get a job and decided to put it off for a few years.

But I can’t say university is right or wrong as it depends on the individual.¬† I do know university is not the only way, it just seems like an extremely popular way – a critical piece of information which is missing in today’s society as many people fear of being different. Some very successful people didn’t go to university e.g. Alan Sugar, Steve Jobs, Jamie Oliver etc.

This article prompted me to write this post.

Something I am certain of is that I’ve been at work for 2 hours and I should get on with my job and stop blogging….

Why I’m Glad I Missed The Bus



So, today started off as a bit of a crappy day. I missed my 7.45am bus to work so I did the normal thing and cursed under my breath and made my way back home. As I was on my way home I thought about how my mum would probably have a go at me for not leaving the house earlier (and quite rightly so, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the bus stop). I should probably point out that I absolutely loath my job and even the thought of a Sunday night depresses me.

Anyway, so as I was on way my home I stopped at the bridge and looked over at the river. It was slightly breezy, but as it was sunny and an unusually warm day, I thought I’d stick my headphones in and wait out the hour where I was until the next bus came by.

About 10 minutes later a man who must have been in his late sixties walked by and said to me ‘I used to look out over here too.’ I looked over at him surprised that he just stopped to talk to me. He continued ‘My wife who has cancer asked me why. I said to her¬†it represents¬†eternity. The water goes from the river, to the sea, to sky, down the hills, and back to river. Eternity. She said she never thought of it that way.’ I said ‘Neither have I.’ He smiled at me and said goodbye. I was so caught up in thought about he said to me I realised I never said to him I hope his wife was okay until he had turned the corner.

About 15 minutes later a man who was probably in his early thirties walked by and he had a big smile on his face. He said to me ‘The river looked beautiful, doesn’t it?’ He continued walking ‘There’s nothing more beautiful than nature. I hope you have a beautiful day’ he said that¬†still with a big smile on his face as he walked over the bridge.

I don’t know why these two people decided to stop and talk to me but I’m glad they did. It’s strange that the chance of meeting these two people was so small. If I had left my house two minutes earlier, or if I had gone home after I missed the bus, I never would have heard what they had to say. That hour somehow flew by and I’m glad I missed the bus. My boss would beg to differ. But hey.