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Snoop Dogg, Tea, and The Queen


How Do You Do!*

So, now the London Olympics are over, I think it’s time to clear up some stereotypes and misconceptions about the British.

The Queen

The Queen - Diamond Jubilee

The population of Britain is about 64 million yet the assumption is, everyone knows the Queen. I assure you, we don’t. Most of us would be lucky to even get a glimpse of her once in  our lifetime.

We’re All Posh, Like

Posh Men

Men do not walk around in suites and bowler hats. It just doesn’t happen.

Duchess of Cambridge

We aren’t all as amazing as the Duchess of Cambridge –  royalty, looks, class, money but….

…ugh. She’s what we call a chav. Infact, she’s probably the queen of chavs!

Tea and Scones

Tea and Scones

Okay, we do drink a lot of tea!  In fact it would be frowned upon if you don’t like either tea or coffee. Unfortunately for me, I am part of that minority. Seriously, you’d think I was breaking the law or something!

But we don’t have fancy little tea parties drinking tea and eating scones all day.

On a slightly unrelated note I typed ‘Tea and Scones’ into Google and this picture came up. Maybe Snoop Dogg likes tea and scones? Maybe Snoop Dogg had tea and scones with the Queen?! Okay I’ll stop there.

Snoop Dogg/Lion Whatever You Want To Call Him

Queen’s English

Believe it or not, everyone in England does not speak as accurately and promptly as the Queen. You’ll probably hate me for this but I’m going to introduce you to some English accents. There are a few horrific reality TV programmes over here (before you judge, Americans particularly, you have Keeping Up With The Kardashians!). There is The Only Way Is Essex (in London) and Geordie Shore (in Newcastle) and Desperate Scousewives (in Liverpool).

Please be aware these television programmes do not represent to majority of the people who live in these cities. They are just stereotypes and I just want to show that people in England have varying accents and I personally hate these shows! (Yes, I am aware I am trying to remove one stereotype by showing you another 😐 )

The Prime Minister – David Cameron

He does not represent Britain whatsoever. He looks after the rich and wealthy and makes sure they are nice cosy, whilst the 9 to 5ers pay the price with huge increases in taxes and cuts. Poor old Dave hasn’t been given any credit for the Olympics and he has been known as cursed when attending sporting events as GB hadn’t won a medal in his presence. When attending a boxing match he was actually booed! He never gave up through, trying to show he’s ‘one of us’ here is a staged picture posted on twitter of David enjoying a boxing match at home.

Oh Dave.

I do have a few more but I may fill you in on those another time :). I hope I haven’t been patronising but I apologise if I have!


*Don’t ever say that.