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Why We Need More Role Models Like Jessica Ennis


Jessica Ennis After Winning Gold

We live in a world where ‘celeb gossip’ in classed as news, where the news that the tabloids are publishing is what happened in last night’s ‘The Only Way is Essex’ or ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and who what’s his face from Big Brother is dating. When did it become okay to be famous just for the sake of it?

The London Olympics show athletes who have trained their whole lives, for in some cases just a few moments, which can make or break their efforts for a gold medal. They strive for greatness and are known for being the best in their field. And of course it is not easy, but they dedicate their lives striving for success and greatness. Jessica Ennis herself has said she hopes she has inspired a generation. The likes of Greg Rutherford, Mo Farah and Beth Tweddle should be the real role models in today’s society.

Kim Kardashian slept with someone famous, sold her sex tape for millions, and now her family has a reality TV programme making yet more millions. She does not even seem to be ashamed of herself and the example she is setting young girls everywhere – she has over 15 million twitter followers!

The press also seems to show these ridiculously thin celebrities which are made to seem the norm and that there is a certain way that every woman should look. Why are people so interested in the Miley Cyrus’ figure? It should not be drilled into girls’ that this is normal. Jessica Ennis is a real role model who isn’t wafer thin but a dedicated athlete.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should become an athlete, but do something with your lives that you are proud of. Something you are passionate about and strive for success in whatever you wish to do. Don’t chose to become the next Tulisa because it’s the easier option and a way of making millions of pounds. Don’t seek attention or be caked in fake tan to ‘fit in’. There is nothing wrong with standing out as long as it is for the right reasons.

I believe perseverance, hard work, and determination are the way to success. I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers, after all I am a twenty year old, I loathe my job, and I’ve not a clue what I want to do with my life. I am however, determined to find a job in London (200 miles away from home), be independent and figure what it is I really want to do. I’ve always been one to take baby steps! But hopefully my friends in London can help me out there.

Now, please can we stop worshipping TV Stars and use our brains for a living?


Why I’m Glad I Missed The Bus



So, today started off as a bit of a crappy day. I missed my 7.45am bus to work so I did the normal thing and cursed under my breath and made my way back home. As I was on my way home I thought about how my mum would probably have a go at me for not leaving the house earlier (and quite rightly so, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the bus stop). I should probably point out that I absolutely loath my job and even the thought of a Sunday night depresses me.

Anyway, so as I was on way my home I stopped at the bridge and looked over at the river. It was slightly breezy, but as it was sunny and an unusually warm day, I thought I’d stick my headphones in and wait out the hour where I was until the next bus came by.

About 10 minutes later a man who must have been in his late sixties walked by and said to me ‘I used to look out over here too.’ I looked over at him surprised that he just stopped to talk to me. He continued ‘My wife who has cancer asked me why. I said to her it represents eternity. The water goes from the river, to the sea, to sky, down the hills, and back to river. Eternity. She said she never thought of it that way.’ I said ‘Neither have I.’ He smiled at me and said goodbye. I was so caught up in thought about he said to me I realised I never said to him I hope his wife was okay until he had turned the corner.

About 15 minutes later a man who was probably in his early thirties walked by and he had a big smile on his face. He said to me ‘The river looked beautiful, doesn’t it?’ He continued walking ‘There’s nothing more beautiful than nature. I hope you have a beautiful day’ he said that still with a big smile on his face as he walked over the bridge.

I don’t know why these two people decided to stop and talk to me but I’m glad they did. It’s strange that the chance of meeting these two people was so small. If I had left my house two minutes earlier, or if I had gone home after I missed the bus, I never would have heard what they had to say. That hour somehow flew by and I’m glad I missed the bus. My boss would beg to differ. But hey.

Stuff Happens


Have you ever wondered why we are who we are and what control we really have over our lives? Recently I have been doing just that.

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason and they chose to live their lives by this mantra believing there is some big reason why a certain event in their life occurred. I can’t justify this. To me, that is like saying our lives are already set out for us and we are just a small part of a big story.

There are a lot of reasons why we are who we are but to say something was ‘meant to be’ seems ineffable. We can’t choose the era which we are born into, our families, or where we are brought up. These things are not optional but do these things define who we are?

I like to think that it is our choices that define us more than our abilities or where we come from. And that we do have a choice in who we are and what we do with our lives. We are all responsible for our own actions but not necessarily everything that happens in our lives. We meet people. Stuff Happens.

Maybe we just need one of these to get on with our day….

Cup Of Courage