Monthly Archives: February 2013

Driving Test!


So, it’s almost 11pm and I thought now is a good a time as any to write a post. Okay, that’s not true, here’s the deal. I have my driving test tomorrow. I worry way too much. I can’t sleep. I thought writing this might help me worry less and stop thoughts going round and round in my head. I’ve always been a worrier.

Anyway, I should at least attempt to sleep. Wish me luck guys!


Having a Bad Day Doesn’t Even Cover It


I’ve had the most awful day. My boss had me in tears. Yep, I was actually crying and thinking ‘What the hell are you crying for?!’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a model employee. I put things off to the last minute (like taking the rubbish out on bin today, cos that’s what admin assistants do!), and slouch all the time.

But I do get everything done, and I have a hell of a lot to do. My boss had a meeting with ┬áme and my manager. She made me feel like an awful person. We had a new girl start with us a couple of months ago and she quit yesterday. My boss said when she started I was nasty, unwelcoming, and awkward towards her. I’ve never been called anything like that in my life. I admit she refused to listen to me and I got frustated but thats definitely an exageration! We were both jokingly mean to each other but it was definitely both ways.

She also said that in the last three weeks I’ve been acting like her best mate laughing and joking with her and my productivity had gone way down. The new girl had effected my work. She was always saying what an awful job this was asking why I was still there after two years – believe me I know, I just didn’t need to be anymore depressed about it. My manager actually agreed with my boss but she only in the office a couple hours of week at the minute as she’s on maternity leave.

This wasn’t all she said. I just felt she was describing someone else. I honestly didn’t know what to make of everything she was saying. I still don’t. I can’t leave because my mum and dad would kill me if I left without having another job. Each morning brings such dread.

Someone employ me please.