Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Four Day Week


So, it’s the 1st November today. How did that happen?! Where has the year gone? I feel like I haven’t done much and it’s kind of been a waste of a year. I feel bad when I’ve wasted a day or a week, but a year; now that’s a bad feeling.

On 29th October I realised it was three months until my 21st birthday. Again, how can I be almost 21? I think the happiness of getting older is only there as long as you want it to stay around. I know some people hate it when their birthday comes round ‘another year gone’ kind of thing. As sad as it sounds I’m not really excited because 21 seems like an age to grow up, you know? Like be a real proper adult. Scary. I mean, you have the excitement of getting a job at 16, leaving school and starting college; you can drive when you’re 17 and drink legally when you’re 18 so by the time you’re 21 the nostalgia of doing these things kind of disappear. So 21 seems scary more than sad!

On a brighter note I have a four day week at work. Everyone loves four day weeks 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your day whether you’re at school, college, university, work, or on the dole. Actually, if you’re on the dole getting into a habit of watching Jeremy Kyle isn’t healthy.