We’re not getting it this time but we’ll get it next time, right?


I’ve always loved Samsung products they are always innovative and have a fresh new look. Apple on the other hand, always have the same boring design and even thought they claim to be happy with competition they refuse to compete and sue them! From one iPhone to the next, the changes are minor yet consumers flog their hard earned money just for it to become outdated in a few months time. I cannot possibly reason this argument.

Here is the new Samsung Galaxy SIII advert which is blatantly poking fun at the iPhone’s faults and the inferiority of the SIII. It shows how miniscule the changes are like the headphone jack is now as the bottom. Cool, right?

Seeing Apple fanatics defend the iPhone is hilarious. A great advert. Samsung have definitely won this round. Take a look!


For those of you who still think the iPhone 5 is better than the SIII….



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  1. I only continue to use the iPhone because I’m so familiar with it at this point, and that’s probably my fault. On the other hand, we’ve kind of reached a point in technology where everything we could possibly need is already in our hands. Really what could one phone do better than the next?

    It might take a better picture? How much better is better? Better is subjective, especially when you reach the point where megapixels or speed becomes irrelevant because the human eye can’t detect a difference.

    I have no issue with Samsung products, I’ve owned several throughout my life and they’ve been great. The only issue with them currently is the ad you posted. It is clever, but I view it as I do a politician who is running a race from behind. They can’t talk about what they do well so they have to poke fun at the competition. It just seems petty. Talk about what you do well, not what others do wrong.

    I’m not an Apple fanboy by any means. The only apple product I own is an iPhone, but again, I know the system, so at this point it just seems tedious to learn a new layout/operating system/computer program (itunes) and that’s the main reason I don’t see myself switching.

    • Yes, better is subjective but technologically companies like these are always going to strive for better to be ‘the best’ which really just goes round in circles like the egg and the chicken.

      The differences between Samsung and Apple have become mainly cosmetic as when you think of their differences Siri/S voice and IOS 6.0/Android 4.0, isn’t it just a personally preference?

      I have never owned an Apple product as there really is no option other than the newest iPhone or an outdated iPhone (plus when a new iPhone is released Apple alway claim so it’s so much better than the previous model).

      As for Samsung they have the SIII to compete with the latest iPhone model, but they also have other Samsung phones giving the consumer varying styles of phones depending on looks/budget/technical spec.

      The Samsung advert, I see your point of view saying that it’s petty, in terms of politicians it definitely would be seen as childish. But aren’t Samsung only fighting fire with fire? Apple continue to sue Samsung over these petty differences. I am by no means saying this was their only option but don’t Samsung need to show they really are competitors? Besides, after being sued for $1 billion, I think they have a right to be a bit pissed off!

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