Downton Abbey!


Downton Abbey

The third series of Downton Abbey graced our telly screens last night! Well, if you live in the UK that is, if you live in one of other the 100+ countries which Downton Abbey is broadcasted in, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient! It was straight after The X Factor so I guess it puts the good/bad telly into balance.

Here are a few of the one liners from the first episode:

“Never make an enemy by accident.”

“I’m expressing myself badly if you think it is not serious”

“Nothing must be done on the cheap.”

“Oh dear, have you swallowed a dictionary?”

“You should forget everything I say. I know I do.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m an American. Have gun, will travel.”

“Did they lose your suitcase on the way over?” “No, it arrived safely, thank you – along with my manners”

“It’s nice to have someone from the real world, isn’t it?”

“Forgive; perhaps. Forget; never.”

“It seems so strange to think of the English embracing change.”

“You must take a tip from a modern American girl”

“She’s like a homing pigeon, she finds our underbelly every time.”

“I should hate to be predictable.” – Lady Mary when she got to the altar!


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