The Fifty Shades Trilogy – Why The Hype?


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These books are getting on my nerves! Quite frankly, these books are not my cup of tea but I have heard endlessly about them.

I didn’t want to make a judgement based on my friend’s next door neighbours mums cousin, Rita (you get the idea) so I read a few reviews to see what all the fuss is about. Here are reviews I found on books one, two, and three. The general consensus is that the reviews are fairly accurate and a better read than the books!

So, the main characters are Anastasia (Ana) Steele and Christian Grey. Ana is a naive, dim-witted invertebrate who is so insecure for the life of her she is unable to stop questioning herself. Literally.

Christian is a handsome billionaire, and a control freak with a very disturbing childhood. His sexual interests are just as disturbing as he claims Ana reminds him of his dead crack whore mother (oh to be in love!).

The author cannot stop complementing his looks and it seems to be the only reason Ana has any interest in him whatsoever. My mistake, I forgot about his billions of dollars. Ana seems worse for feminism than what’s her face from Twilight and that’s saying something!

So, if it’s not the characters that have millions of people hooked to these books, maybe it is the quality of writing or the plot? WRONG. There is no plot and a child could string better sentences together.

And then there’s the talk of the books hitting the big screen. A FILM. SERIOUSLY?! You want to make a film about a borderline abusive lover which is basically going to be a porno? As long as he’s pretty, right? There is also talk of Emma Watson playing Ana. A lot of us have watched her grow up beside us, whilst watching and reading Harry Potter so the idea of it is cringe worthy. I’m not going to pretend I personally know Emma Watson, but by her image, her attitude towards education  and choice to represent high-end brands such as Lancome, I highly doubt she would consider the degrading role of Ana.

I cannot tell you the reason behind the Fifty Shades hype. I do however, weep for humanity.


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  1. I wish this hype would die quickly. It’s sickening how everyone is lapping it up. And I seriously hope that Emma doesn’t accept the role; she’d be disappointing a lot of fans that way. =[

  2. The Emma Watson thing is thankfully a rumor that has since been debunked. But girl, I so agree with you. I have no idea how they’re planning to make a movie of that atrocity, because the book as zero plot. Like seriously, it’s just not there.

  3. Hi. I’m Beck. I found your blog through our mutual friend (Julie)’s blog (Music Notes). I love the way you haven managed to put my thoughts into words with this post. Also, not that it really matters, but Fifty Shades started as a Twilight Fanfiction. The author herself has described it as “all the erotica you missed in Twilight”. My personal question is what sort of publisher would take on the project in the first place???
    So yeah. I love your blog (or the few posts I’ve read so far)!

    • Hi Beck, I heard about the fanfiction thing too. I can only assume by ‘all the erotica you missed out of Twilight’ means making a piece of writing (not literature!) shitter than it originally was. As for it being published I think it was originally self published and after the huge sales of ebooks the publisher must have had pound signs in their eyes.

      I’m glad you like my posts. I have followed your blog too and will read through more posts when I get a minute 🙂

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